King Charles III uninvited Prince Harry & Meghan from the Sunday reception

As soon as it was clear that Queen Elizabeth would pass away, the Windsors all moved into action to travel to Balmoral. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced, via their spokesperson, that they were traveling to Balmoral as well. Which is when then-Prince Charles apparently called his younger son and ordered him to leave Meghan at Frogmore Cottage, saying explicitly that Meghan would not be welcome in Scotland. Harry arrived late to Balmoral, hours after QEII passed away, and returned to Windsor early the next morning. We didn’t find out about Charles’s call until hours later, when the new king and new Prince of Wales began smearing the f–k out of both Harry and Meghan for having the audacity for wanting to travel together to Scotland. That set the tone for everything that’s happened since.

After all that, King Charles III has been lurching from one self-made catastrophe to another self-made catastrophe. First it was the 180 on whether Harry could wear a uniform to memorialize his grandmother – that reversal only came after widespread international condemnation for forcing a combat veteran to wear civilian clothes while the non-veteran royals waltzed around in their uniforms. Then, on Friday, it got even worse. At first we heard that King Charles would host a reception, at Buckingham Palace, on Sunday evening for all of the visiting world leaders and dignitaries. When the reception was announced, they made a point of saying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were invited. Then, hours later, a stunning reversal: suddenly, the Palace was flat-out insisting that the Sussexes were “uninvited.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to have been uninvited to a state reception hosted by the King and Queen at Buckingham Palace on Sunday evening. The couple received an invitation to the grand event for world leaders and foreign royals earlier this week but are thought unlikely to attend after palace officials insisted it was for working members of the Royal family only.

It remained unclear on Friday night why they had received an invitation for an occasion that Royal aides insisted they were not expected to attend. Sources close to them appeared baffled, while palace aides continued to insist that they were not invited and were not expected to show up.

US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron will be among hundreds of heads of state who will be welcomed to London on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Presidents and prime ministers from across the globe will arrive in the capital throughout the weekend alongside foreign royals, governors-general and ambassadors. As dusk falls on Sunday, they will be driven into the gates of Buckingham Palace before rubbing shoulders in the picture gallery and state apartments.

Despite the grandeur of their surroundings, the reception will be a muted affair, with guests asked to wear lounge suits or morning dress, with no hats or decorations. Guests will be greeted by Royals including the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Princess Royal and the Earl and Countess of Wessex. Drinks and canapes will be served.

The confusion over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s attendance follows similarly mixed messaging over Prince Harry’s right to wear military uniform this week. It hints at a lack of communication between the London and California-based branches of the family as well as a lack of certainty over how exactly to deal with Harry and Meghan as grieving members of the Queen’s family.

[From The Telegraph]

King Charles III is a clown. I strongly suspect that – initially, at least – perhaps an invitation was extended, although probably not formally. You know these dumbasses speak in riddles, so there were probably feelers put out to see if Harry and Meghan were interested in attending. My guess is that Harry shut it down, because it’s all happening again. The palaces are briefing against them freely and viciously, and then the palaces still want to use the Sussexes’ star power to make the family look good. My thinking is that Harry said “nope” and now the Palace is trying to turn Harry’s refusal into yet another “look at us, punishing Harry and Meghan, we hate them” moment. And once again, the royal court looks like a whole-ass clownshow. As for “a lack of communication between the London and California-based branches of the family”… Harry and Meghan have been sitting in Windsor for more than a week. Charles knows their number.

Speaking of, Page Six claims that Harry and Meghan “received an invitation” to the reception earlier in the week and yet no one has called them to tell them they are uninvited. Sources claim the Sussexes learned of this story through the media. Funeral shambles.

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