Katt Williams Challenges Comedians to Be Better, Talks 'Cancel Culture'

Katt Williams has a challenge for all comedians who are griping about the state of comedy in 2021 because of so-called “cancel culture” … do better, be better and be funnier.

The legendary comic dished his thoughts on the much-discussed topic with Joe Budden, and he basically suggested that the outrage over society and audiences in 2021 being too woke or sensitive for comedy to function properly (or as it has in the past) is mostly bologna.

Check it out for yourself … ’cause he gives a pretty nuanced breakdown of what he thinks people are actually mad about — namely, that comedians are being forced to evolve with the times.

Katt says that certain words and/or subjects are being rightly called out as inappropriate or off-limits — and he explains that, in most cases, that’s probably fine … because the point of comedy isn’t to offend, but to entertain the most number of people possible.

He also notes all that’s happened over the years and with the advent of social media is that more people have been allowed to join the conversation … and as a result, can speak up on things they might’ve always found objectionable — whereas, before, they had no platform.

It’s a pretty fascinating take … which actually mirrors what Seth Rogen said on this not too long ago to The Independent — when he said, yeah … some jokes have aged poorly, and rather than be mad at being called out about it, he said just own and adapt accordingly.

Of course, not everyone agrees with Katt and Seth when it comes to this. Many comedians have railed on what they consider overly-sensitive tastes these days … including one Billy Crystal, who recently called comedy today a “minefield” that he doesn’t recognize anymore.

Different strokes for different folks, we suppose — but for KW … he doesn’t seem to be sweating the tightening of the belt in his biz. If anything, it sounds like he’s taking it in stride.

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