Katie Price accused of ‘putting family in danger’ after sharing detailed floor plans of her mansion

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Katie Price's fans have criticised her for sharing the floor plans of her "mucky" mansion.

The former glamour model recently started an Instagram account for her £2million Sussex mansion in which she documents the abode's extensive renovations alongside her fiancé Carl Woods.

While fans have been happily following her home renovation journey, they couldn't help but warn the 42-year-old for potentially giving out too much information by sharing detailed snaps showing the home's layout.

"Floor plans of the plucky mansion," Katie wrote under the floor plans alongside a heart-eyed emoji.

The images showed all the entrances, individual rooms and their dimensions.

Katie was immediately met with a wave of disapproval, with one person commenting: "I wouldn't put my floor plans up."

Another explained: "Not wishing to be too negative but if any burglars are following you and view these….. just saying."

A third echoed: "I love seeing your updates but by putting floor plans on you've given clever burglars routes into your home."

Others added: "Wouldn't post floor plans for security reasons" and "Take floor plans down, your going to get robbed".

Several of Katie's fans were quick to jump to her defence.

One wrote: "All these people talking about floor plans and u shouldn't post them! Right-move, Zoopla and any estate agent posts floor plans too! For any priced property! so posting it on here is irrelevant really!"

Another added: "All these people saying you shouldn't put floor plans on.. They're easily obtained from the Internet when the house was last sold."

Katie's Surrey mansion has been broken into several times after the star moved out and was reportedly ransacked by thieves in February this year.

In a previous video, Katie shared: "This house was burgled. So much s*** has gone. Even hard drives have gone.

"Oh well, if anyone wants to go through my old photos go for it. If it makes you feel good."

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the former glamour model was hiring an exorcist to help her cleanse the property after claiming a little boy haunted it.

Speaking on The Fellas podcast, Katie revealed: "It's definitely haunted. I've got pictures… If you Google me and the little boy in the house. You'll see me – I've got it on my Instagram – me taking a picture of a little boy sitting on my top floor."

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