Kathy Griffin SLAMS Andy Cohen: He Treated Me Like a DOG!

We haven’t heard much from Kathy Griffin in the past year.

But if you were worried that the famously envelope-pushing comedian had become gun shy in the wake of her “decapitated Trump” photo scandal, fear not.

Griffin continues to sound off about pretty much anyone who’s ever mistreated her over the course of her career, which is either a very good or a very obnoxious thing, depending on your viewpoint.

The comic’s latest target is her former boss, Andy Cohen.

The Bravo president was a producer on Griffin’s reality series, My Life on the D-List, as well as her short-lived talk show, Kathy.

And apparently, neither experience is one that Griffin looks back on fondly.

“Andy Cohen treated me like a dog,” she told People magazine in an interview published on Thursday.

“He was, like, one of the worst bosses I ever had,” Griffin added.

“He has not been very kind.”

Cohen, of course, is one of the most beloved media figures of the 21st century, but this is not the first time he’s been targeted by Griffin.

In 2017, Griffin claimed that Cohen offered her cocaine and accused him of “deeply misogynistic” behavior.

For the most part, Cohen has declined to comment on his former employee’s attacks, but he has denied offering her cocaine.

The Trump scandal cost Griffin her gig hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage alongside Anderson Cooper.

She was replaced on the show by Cohen, which may account for some of the bad blood.

Griffin says she harbors no ill will toward Cooper, but is not holding out hope that the two of them will ever be able to rekindle their friendship:

“I really loved him, and I really loved doing that show, and it was a lot of fun,” she told People.

“I don’t think he has really any interest in it,” Griffin said when asked about a possible reconciliation.

“And I’m, like I said, after going through something like this, I’m, like, done chasing people,” the comic continued.

“I’m down to three friends on a good day, and so I just kind of want to go where I can make people laugh.”

Griffin’s interview was part of the promotional campaign for her new documentary, Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story, which details her attempt to rebuild her career in the wake of the photo controversy.

Love her or hate her, we’re sure it’s quite a tale.

Just don’t expect to run into Andy Cohen at the theater.

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