Justin Bieber Shares Throwback Video With Hailey Baldwin & Fan Say It’s Before ‘You Left Her For Selena’

Justin briefly dated wife Hailey in 2016, and he shared a cute throwback video of their New Year’s Caribbean getaway. But one fan dissed him, saying he went back to ex Selena Gomez after the vacation.

In between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s many breakups and makeups, he briefly dated now-wife Hailey Baldwin, 23. The pair rang in New Year’s 2016 together by island hopping in the Caribbean, and they weren’t shy about showing affection. At the time, they each posted Instagram photos with their arms around each other, one of Justin serenading Hailey with a guitar and one of them kissing. Now, the 25-year-old superstar has shared a throwback video taken during that trip. In the clip, Justin can be seen playfully running and hopping over the net on a tennis court as Hailey points at him happily, as though she’s saying, “You’re the man!” But one Instagram follower hit him with a reminder that he ended up going back to Selena after that trip.

User gigi_kylie_selena left the comment, “When u left her for SG 💀 period.” The Biebs and Hailey dated for only a brief period, and they had split by the time his Purpose world tour began in March 2016. Selena famously attended his L.A. concert that month and they left together after a long talk, following the show. While it wasn’t a full reconciliation, it was the nearest they’d come to getting back together since their previous split in 2014.

Justin and Selena did eventually become a couple again in Oct. 2017 and they dated through the spring of 2018 before eventually splitting again. Within a few months, he reunited with Hailey as friends, but that quickly turned into dating again. And as fans now know, they became engaged after two months of reuniting, and they eventually wed in a New York courthouse ceremony on Sept. 13, 2018. That was something many of Justin’s fans were quick to point out to user gigi_kylie_selena.

Fan laylanora wrote, “@gigi_kylie_selena When he left SG to marry Hailey oh snap 🙌🏻👏🏻🌹,” while selenasrevivalera added, “@gigi_kylie_selena but in 2018 he did left her and married H after a few months 👀. User earianabuteraw reminded her, “@gigi_kylie_selena they weren’t together in 2016, that’s what ur fav wanted tho, but JB was too busy with his tour.”

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Many fans were just thankful that Hailey and Justin reconnected after their brief romance in 2016. User jaileythreads wrote, “so grateful you found each other again ❤️,” while user justxulrika commented, “Cuties!! Y’all were made for each other 💕.” Fan natalierosemarie gushed, “I am genuinely happy for you @justinbieber you made a beautiful choice with your wife @haileybieber ❤️.”

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