Jessica Simpson Says Publicists Told Stars Not to Date Her, Reveals She Dated More Celebs Than We Know

Jessica Simpson is sharing some new info about her dating life that fans probably don’t know already!

The 40-year-old entrepreneur and entertainer made an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show this week and talked about what it was like to date after her divorce from Nick Lachey.

“I felt like anytime it started to get a little bit serious, I was the person to run from because every guy would be listening to their publicist who would be like, ‘stay away, stay away. You’ll never be a respected actor, you’ll never be a respected musician if you are dating her.’ That was back then. At least, that was the excuse I heard,” Jessica said.

Jessica also talked about how she dated more celebs than fans realize, but she isn’t going to drop the names.

“Well, I have dated some — a couple musicians, so,” Jessica said. “Some under the radar that people don’t know about.”

Jessica said that she’s going to call up Drew and give her the dirt over the phone!

In a recent interview, Jessica talked about her former relationship with a celeb we do know she dated.

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