Jessica Mulroney Shares Text Messages with Sasha Exeter to Exonerate Herself After Last Year’s Controversy

Jessica Mulroney, a Canadian television personality who is also best friends with Meghan Markle, faced backlash last year when influencer Sasha Exeter spoke up about an argument that they had over the Black Lives Matter movement.

You can read all about what was reported in June 2020 right here.

Now, Jessica has released a series of her text messages with Sasha in an effort to exonerate herself from the racist bullying she was accused of last year. After the controversy, her show was dropped by CTV.

Jessica spoke with Canadian outlet The National Post and revealed that she provided her text messages with Sasha to CTV, but they “have apparently chosen to sit on them.”

Reporter Barbara Kay wrote in the article, “Their lengthy exchange provided to me by Jessica, played out first in DMs and then in phone texts, would strike any reasonable observer as a complete exoneration of Jessica from all the false allegations of racist bullying that were to come.”

Jessica also revealed that the controversy led to her feeling “suicidal ideation, that she has required medication and psychiatric treatment ever since.”

You can read the full exchange of text messages at

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