Jeremy Clarkson worried he’ll miss Wimbledon and Euros after ‘annoying’ high temperature

Jeremy Clarkson jokes about Top Gear hosts

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, is one of the lucky few to have landed himself tickets to both the Wimbledon final and the Euros final. However, the presenter admitted he was concerned he’d have to miss them after an “annoying” high temperature.

The Grand Tour presenter attended the Royal Horticultural Show at Hampton Court last week.

Joined by his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 51, he was looking for some inspiration for his garden at the show.

However, the outspoken broadcaster admitted this wasn’t all he came back with.

He was left concerned he’d contracted Covid-19 following some worrying symptoms.

Jeremy explained: “Another thing I came home with, apart from a dead plant, was a high temperature and some breathlessness.

“Which is annoying, because I have tickets for both Wimbledon and Wembley today [Sunday, July 11].”

The presenter continued in his column for the Sunday Times: “Hopefully I will be Covid-negative.

“As I’m looking forward to watching the players trying to steer their balls round the crashed airliner some damn fool has put in the middle of the playing area to make some kind of point about something or other.”

His quip was about one of the main garden displays at the show being based around a crashed plane.

Jeremy previously suffered badly when he contracted Covid over Christmas.

The presenter explained how the experience was “quite scary” at the time.

However, it seems like Jeremy will be hoping to make his way to Wembley for the landmark Euros final tonight.

England has secured their spot against Italy for their first international final in more than 55 years.

Jeremy reiterated his hopes when asked by a Twitter follower where he’ll be watching the game.

They asked the presenter: “Where are you watching the match? Pub or farm? Get Gerald involved.”

The former Top Gear host simply replied: “At Wembley.”

Many of his followers wished him the best as they voiced their envy.

One replied: “Room for a small(ish) one??”

“Nice, hope you enjoy it,” penned another in response.

“You lucky sod,” wrote a third while another penned: “Give us all a wave.”

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