ITV Emmerdales Chloe Harris life-altering discovery linked to Kerry Wyatt

Emmerdale’s Chloe Harris might be about to discover a long-kept secret on the show that sees her linked to Kerry Wyatt in an unexpected way.

The young character, played by actress Jessie Elland, has had much mystery surrounding her since arriving this year, along with her father, gangster Damon Harris, who is yet to appear on the ITV soap.

Damon has acted as the puppet master from jail while Kerry, played by Laura Norton, has worked close with the family cleaning up after them and has also played the mother role to Chloe in recent episodes.

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The troublesome teenager was able to get away from her father’s controlling grip thanks to the cleaner, who now considers the youngster her responsibility after she moved in with her at Amy Wyatt’s place.

This has become complicated for Kerry though after she attempted to warn off Chloe’s boyfriend Noah Tate, played by Jack Downham, in effort to protect him from the teenager’s criminal father.

The cleaner also pleaded with Chloe to keep her distance – to her resistance – leaving viewers to wonder why the character has been so pushy in protecting the young lady.

Kerry could be possibly the young character’s mother which would explain her urge to watch over Chloe since taking her in.

After returning to Emmerdale from over a year’s absence, actress Laura gave some context on where her character Kerry was during her time away – leaving a big hint as to what’s to come for her on the show.

"Kerry was working in a huge multi-million-pound mansion, which an underground gangster-type guy owns,” she said.

"She ended up there because she needed to get away from the village for a while. I guess this is a way Kerry thought she could make some good money.

"Which she's never really been able to before. But obviously, it's not as straightforward as that.”

When Chloe first turned up on the soap, she revealed that her mother and sister, Gemma Harris, had died in a car accident which led to her sister’s heart being donated to Sarah Sugden, played by Katie Hill.

Her entrance on the show came about after Sarah started searching for her donor and with her supposed mother gone, it would appear that only Damon would know truth of whether she was in fact Chloe's birth mother.

If it turns out that Kerry is actually her biological mother instead, she would also of course be in on the secret.

When Amy and Chloe met last week, their resemblance was made clear and so perhaps Kerry left Amy in care as a child and fell pregnant with Chloe later on.

Presumably not feeling she could be a good mother to the youngster she told Damon to look after her, but after seeing how dangerous he is, she might have changed her mind and stepped back into the protective role.

“Kerry is very empathetic and sympathetic towards her. She just wants to offer some love and support,” Laura added.

Only time will tell of the real truth that connects these two characters.

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