It's Time For Libras To Shine! 27 Celebrities Celebrating Their Birthdays Under The Sign

Libras, it’s time for you to bask in the spotlight. The air sign‘s time is upon us, so from September 23 – October 22 it’s all about the justice-loving Libra.

If you’re among those whose birthday falls between those dates, check out this explainer on how your love language manifests based on your Zodiac sign. And if your bestest friends or your closest kin are proud Libras, review this list of gifts they’ll be sure to appreciate on their special day.

For everybody else, scroll below to see a list of famous Libras you may not have known identify with this sign.

*This article was originally published September 23, 2017

Mars celebrates his birthday Oct. 8.

Braxton has much to celebrate with an album on the way and a new single out. The singer turns a year older on Oct. 7.

The Grammy-winner’s birthday is Oct. 13.

The singer turns another year older on Oct. 14.

Smith celebrates his birthday Sept. 25.

The tennis star and mom’s birthday is Sept. 26.

Charles would have been 91 on Sept. 23.

The actress celebrates her birthday Oct. 13.


The late comedian would have turned 64 on Oct. 5.

Cannon turns 37 on Oct. 8.

Snoop celebrates his birthday Oct. 20.

The rapper’s birthday is Oct. 11.

Rose celebrates her birthday Oct. 21.

The rapper and actress celebrates her birthday Oct. 4.

Dupri turns 45 Sept. 23.

The singer celebrates his birthday Oct. 18.

The singer-songwriter’s birthday is Sept. 30.

Milian’s birthday is Sept. 26. 

The iconic model celebrates her birthday Oct. 13.

The rapper turns 39 Sept. 27.

The NBA star celebrates his birthday Sept. 29.

The rapper’s birthday is Sept. 25.

The actress and former model celebrates her birthday Oct. 18.

The flawless beauty celebrates her birthday on Sept. 23.

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