Is The Jonas Brothers’ “Hesitate” About Sophie Turner? She Gave The Song A Sweet Shoutout

The Jonas Brothers just released their new album Happiness Begins and the internet is feeling all sorts of nostalgic feelings from Nick, Joe, and Kevin being back together again. Like, it honestly feels like 2008, because the JoBros are back on the charts, releasing new music videos, and touring the world again. But this is a new era for the Jonas Brothers and their songs on Happiness Begins are a reflection of their growth over the years. Since the JoBros are all married men now, fans believe that some songs on the new album could be about their wives, After taking a look at the lyrics for "Hesitate," fans have a strong feeling that the song could be about Joe Jonas’ wife, Sophie Turner. So, is The Jonas Brothers’ “Hesitate” about Sophie Turner? Joe Jonas had a hand in writing the song, so it seems highly likely.

On June 5, the Jonas Brothers shared the list of songwriters for each of their tracks on the album. If you take a look at the song credits for "Hesitate," you would see that four people wrote the track, including Joe Jonas.

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