How Melania Trump Really Feels About Leaving The White House

Ever since President Donald Trump falsely inflated his inauguration crowd size back in 2016, it’s essentially been a non-stop rollercoaster of drama at the White House. And it appears Melania Trump is firmly strapped in. 

Whether or not you agree with Donald Trump’s politics, his presidency ultimately did feel like an actual reality show. The flame got snuffed out for countless loyal cabinet members, press secretaries, and eventually, a Twitter account. Every day felt like roulette in terms of what the unconventional 45th president would say or tweet. But Melania made it to the final rose ceremony. Metaphors aside, she stood by her husband. Not every headline-making moment was fantastic for Melania, remember jacket-gate? Or what about the audio of the first lady (who by tradition helms the White House Christmas decorations every year) saying f*** Christmas or her controversial statement about the shocking Washington D.C. riots? She may not have outwitted or outplayed, but she sure outlasted. When Joe Biden becomes president on Jan. 20, 2021, Melania will leave the White House as a first lady who largely stayed out of the political spotlight. 

So, as Donald Trump goes through a second impeachment due to the D.C. riots, how does Melania feel about their final days? Well, it seems she has made up her mind about it. Scroll on down for how Melania Trump is reportedly feeling about leaving the White House. 

Melania Trump is reportedly ready to go

So how is Melania Trump feeling about saying goodbye to the White House? As Donald Trump and his wife reportedly prepare to move to Mar-a-Lago permanently, she is not exactly expecting to feel homesick. “(Melania Trump) is not sad to be leaving,” one White House official claimed to CNN. Per the outlet, Melania is supposedly showing “expediency in getting packed and ready to go,” which “also signals her desire to be done with Washington and the last four years of dramatic highs and lows.” Yup, Melania seems pretty good to go. 

Author Andersen Brower elaborated to CNN, “Pat Nixon is the most recent example I can think of a first lady who compares at all to Melania Trump… As Watergate raged on, Pat Nixon spent lots of time sequestered in her room alone in the Residence.”

Meanwhile, Melania has seemingly sided with Donald Trump on not getting friendly with the Biden family. It’s a tradition for presidents to invite the next president to stay overnight in the guest house at the White House the night before they are sworn in, per CNN. That invitation reportedly was sent to Joe Biden and Jill Biden, but supposedly not “at Melania Trump’s insistence,” per CNN. “She had nothing to do with it,” one staffer alleged to the outlet. Oop. 

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