Homeless Artist Richard Hutchins Getting Hollywood Offers After Viral Video

In a matter of weeks, Richard Hutchins went from homeless to hosting his own art gallery show/auction in Beverly Hills … and, pretty soon, he’ll be coming to a theater near you.

Richard — an artist who spent years living on the streets in L.A. after his art studio burned down — joined “TMZ Live” on Monday alongside Charlie Rocket2 Chainz‘s ex-manager who met Richard by chance on Easter Sunday in a grocery store parking lot.

The story’s a rags-to-riches tale akin to the Golden Voice or “The Soloist” — Charlie discovered Richard’s an uber-talented artist, who in his heyday had been commissioned to do work for Muhammad Ali, Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye, among others.

Richard had been down on his luck for years, but fast forward to last week … when he was lauded as he strolled into his own gallery/auction featuring his work at the Sofitel. Around 500 people attended the shindig, including Damon Dash.

After Charlie got to know Richard, and his artistic skill, he helped set up Richard’s art website so he can sell prints … and Richard tells us he’s hauled in more than $200k.

In fact, 2 Chainz was one of the first customers, and Steve Harvey also bought a painting for a cool $3,000.

So, what’s next? Richard says he’s already gotten an acting offer for a role as an artist. He also wants to give back now that he has the resources … and tackle Skid Row.

It’s a wild, interesting and inspiring story.

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