Hollyoaks star Amanda Clapham bitten by spider Had no idea ones in this country bite

Amanda Clapham (Holly Cunningham Hollyoaks)

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Amanda Clapham shared a picture of the big creepy-crawly trapped under a glass seemingly in her home WHEN. The former Hollyoaks actress, who portrayed Holly Cunningham, said she was left with a swollen and sore thumb after the spider bite.

In view of her 216,000 followers, she wrote: “OK this little dude just bit me.

“I’m still standing but had no idea spiders in this country bite. Anyone know what it is?

“Why do I always attract the bugs?!”

After doing some research, the 31-year-old concluded it was a wolf spider.

She went on to write: “Can I still claim to be Spider Woman though?

“I mean, it’s just a bite and swollen thumb but it could still happen.”

Wolf spiders can be found in a variety of habitats including grasslands, fields, suburban backyards and wooded areas.

Luckily their venom isn’t poisonous, however a bite could cause mild pain and swelling.

Amanda portrayed the role of Holly in Hollyoaks between 2013 and 2018.

At the time, the actress said she felt as though it was her time to leave.

She told Digital Spy: “I’m so excited about the future, but I’m going to miss Hollyoaks so much.

“I feel it’s my time – it’s time to go now.

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“Holly’s been through so much in the past five years and it’s been an absolute pleasure to play her.”

She went on to say she was keeping her options open “worldwide” for new acting gigs.

Amanda was the fifth actress to play Holly, the daughter of legendary temptress Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring).

Most recently, she appeared in an episode of the BBC medical drama Casualty in 2020.

Her last grid post on Instagram was back in November when she shared a new headshot for her acting profile.

Many of her fans flocked to her post to compliment her.

Sophie Porley wrote: “Such a great shot.”

Tanashatree added: “Gorgeous inside and out.”

Fitzcarlito71 typed: “Beautiful picture Amanda and the best of luck for the future.”

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