Hailey Bieber Brings Back This Popular 90s Makeup Trend, And We’re Not Mad About It

Our favorite TikToker, Hailey Bieber, is back at it again with another series of beauty-focused video uploads. We #stan an active kween… especially one who is bringing back our favorite makeup trend from the 90s…

In her three-part video upload, which in total has accumulated almost 10 million views over the past 24 hours (!!), the model shares not one, but two different beauty looks. OK Hails, now you’re just spoiling us.

The first hair and makeup look is very on-trend for summer 2022, consisting of a nude eye and overlined lip that has been paired with the hairstyle everyone is wearing ATM: baby braids. I mean, even our fav Gen Z ‘It Girl’ Milly Bobby Brown Blonde wore the style just yesterday.

I know these transitions are BAD but… I tried my best 💕💕💕 @leahdarcymakeup @amandaleehair

However, our favorite of the two has to be Hails’ purple shimmer eyeliner and poker-straight hair look. It’s giving Christina Aguilera circa 1999 (minus the frosted lip) and it’s certainly ‘What a Girl Wants’.

The 90s had its fair share of iconic moments, and some folk (aka: me), would argue that it was the greatest era of all time. Pencil thin brows and chunky highlights are included in said iconic moments, but purple glitter eyeliner has to be our favorite and the one we are definitely up for reviving.


To achieve this liner look, Hailey’s makeup artist, Leah Darcy, shares that she uses the Treslúce Beauty Intenso Liner in Confident and Energía, £13. And, for a more modern up-to-the-minute feel, instead of using the colour all over the lid as we did in the 90s, Leah restricts its use to just the lash line.

💖💞🌸🎀 @leahdarcymakeup

Interestingly, for the lip, Leah doesn’t use Hailey’s favourite lip product *shock horror*, but instead she uses the Hourglass Velvet Story Lip Cream in Hint, £35. I guess it must be good to use over Hailey’s tried and true!

Now, to achieve that full 90s nostalgic experience, all you have to do is whack on some Friends and play TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’. Ahhh way back when… I wasn’t even born…

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