Get To Know Are You Afraid of the Dark’s Dominic Mariche With 10 Fun Facts!

Dominic Mariche will soon grace our TVs when Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows premieres!

The young star is the youngest in the cast and stars as Seth, Hanna’s (Beatrice Kitsos) younger brother who’s the exact opposite of her dark disposition.

Hoping to find a group of best friends of his own, he’s determined to be a member of the Midnight Society and always tags along with them. He may be the littlest of the group, but he’s also the loudest and enjoys performing magic tricks for anyone willing to watch.

Here’s a synopsis: An all-new Midnight Society group of kids learn of the terrifying curse cast over their small seaside town, and are haunted by a mysterious creature known as the Shadowman.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows is a six part limited anthology series, and will premiere TOMORROW (February 12) on Nickelodeon!

JJJ got to know more about Dominic Mariche with an exclusive 10 Fun Facts. Check them out below:

  • 1. My favorite food is cheese pizza.
  • 2. My hidden talent is that I can play guitar and sing.
  • 3. I have two pets – a cat and a dog!
  • 4. We speak Spanish at home.
  • 5. I love to play basketball and badminton.
  • 6. My favorite musician is Healy.
  • 7. I’m in grade 7 and excited to start high school in September!
  • 8. Reading and video gaming are favorite pastimes.
  • 9. I started acting in commercials three years ago.
  • 10. I love living by the ocean.

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