George Clooneys kids say Putin should be in prison

George Clooney rules out going into politics

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George Clooney, 61, and his wife Amal, 44, share twins Alexander and Ella, who have reportedly inherited their mum’s intelligence. While the actor claimed he is still “golden” in the eyes of their children, it is Amal’s work that seems to have had a bigger impact on the twins.

While for any other toddler this may be rare, the young Clooney is the son of one of the world’s most acclaimed human rights lawyers.

Amal has handled countless high-profile cases and clients, and her work has apparently rubbed off on her children.

She appeared on a panel at an event to launch the Obama Foundation’s Get Her There campaign in New York City in October.

On the panel the mum-of-two shared that even though children’s understanding of global events are somewhat limited, they can still be heavily influenced through their parents.

According to Hello Magazine, Amal joked: “My son drew the other day a picture of a prison, and was like, ‘Putin should be in here’,” to the amusement of the audience.

More recently, George has also shared the influence he has on the twins, as they believe he can fix almost anything.

Speaking with Extra in early December, Amal shared: “They say, ‘Papa can fix everything but the weather.’

“He can solve all of their problems and is the funniest person they have met.”

George chuckled as he noted “I am golden”.

The couple admitted they are relieved to still be in the stage where their children admire them, rather than being embarrassed by mum and dad.

George added: “We know that will change, but right now I’m golden.”

The couple spoke to Extra at the 2022 Kennedy Centre Honours event held at the White House.

George was among the honorees of the evening, which also included Gladys Knight, Amy Grant and Irish band U2.

In just five years the twins have established themselves as somewhat smaller versions of their parents.

George and Alexander seemingly share a similar sense of humour, and the young boy has even crashed some of his dad’s interviews.

On the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, George revealed that every morning, his son makes himself known: “Eight in the morning (he) bangs on my bedroom door.

“I go, ‘Who is it?’ And he goes, ‘It is I, Alexander Clooney.’ “

The Ticket to Paradise actor has often gushed over his daughter, noting that she looks exactly like her mum.

In a 2021 interview with The Guardian, he revealed their personalities are also quite similar: “Ella’s very serious, always making sure everybody plays by the rules.”

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