Former Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Becomes Cop

Former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer was sworn in as a reserve officer with the Rockport Police Department on Monday.

Spencer, who grew up near the Ohio River community in the city of Boonville, wrote on Instagram, “I’m still a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, but it’s an honor to be able to come back to this area when I can and serve the community as a reserve police officer and help out my brothers.”

Speaking to WFIE-TV about how he admires police officers’ work, Spencer said, “You just see the impact they have on everyone’s life. It’s so important.”

He said “Life’s about experience, so to me this was great,” adding that he intends to use his experience on stage to help him in the field.

Spencer said he will be splitting his time between Rockport and Las Vegas as his police duties are part-time. Fans mostly responded positively to Spencer’s career change.

Spencer joined Five Finger Death Punch in 2005 and remained its drummer till he left the group in late 2018. He was voted the “Best Drummer of 2015” by Loudwire.

(Photo: Ralph Arvesen)

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