Florida Man Weaponizes Urine, Soaks Unsuspecting Cops In Circle K Parking Lot

Someone come tell Florida Man that when people say that Florida is a great place to do water sports, this is not what they meant.

This time, a fully naked Florida man stands accused of trying to “fling urine” upon police officers.

Ultimately, it took a group of police and a can of mace to take him down — but not before he terrorized an entire store full of people.

This all went down in Daytona, because of course it did.

As you can see in the video, this unnamed naked man sent a group of Circle K customers into a panic.

Quick-thinking employees locked the store to keep the naked marauder from entering the premises.

He seemed annoyed, rather than deterred, and proceeded to demand that he be allowed inside.

Understandably horrified by the man’s erratic behavior, neither the employees nor the customers obliged.

This is when this Florida man made the rational choice to take his business elsewhere, right?

Just kidding. (Also, what business? I’d hate to speculate about where one would carry a debit card in that outfit)

Perhaps out of a desire to exact revenge upon those who would thwart his plan to enter the Circle K, he used the only weapon at his disposal: urine.

That’s right, he began to urinate upon the (closed and locked) doors and upon the doorway.

While the doors were hopefully sealed enough to keep the stream of liquid from entering the store.

But that must have been an assault on the olfactory senses … and left customers wondering how they would leave when the crisis ended.

Obviously, the police were contacted — and showed up in numbers that would later prove necessary.

Patroling officers arrived and attempted to diffuse the situation by instructing the nude man to step away from the store.

Unfortunately, negotiations were not especially successful.

While the man did step away from the store, he did so in order to allegedly try to “fling urine” upon responding officers.

That’s not exactly assault with a deadly weapon, but it’s super gross.

As he stepped towards officers in an attempt to intimidate him, another officer seized the opportunity.

Running up behind the man, the officer tackled him to the ground.

There’s no fun way to get tackled on asphalt, but “naked” and “from behind” has to be just about the worst way that we can imagine.

There were at one time three officers attempting to subdue the man, but that alone was not enough.

The witness recording video of the man reported that he suspect was fighting off his would-be subdoers.

Ultimately, police used strength in numbers and a variety of pepper spray in order to overpower the man.

(We have to say that pepper spray can be agonizing on one’s face — it would be at least as painful on one’s genitals)

The Florida man was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

Police figured that if you’re going around peeing on convenience stores and fighting small armies of police, there might be something wrong with you.

That’s probably fair. Or maybe that’s just another night in Florida.

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