Dua Lipa & James Corden Share New Rules For Pandemic Dating In HILARIOUS Parody – WATCH!

We’ve seen how tough the quarantine has been on even the strongest couples, but lonely singles have been struggling out here, too!

Thankfully, Dua Lip and James Corden have come to the rescue with some hilarious advice for dating amid the coronavirus pandemic so you can safely get back out there schmoozing on those hookup matchmaking apps and later meeting IRL!

Set to remixes of the 25-year-old singer’s smash hits Don’t Stop Now and New Rules, the pair reminded singles to wear masks and wash their hands, you know, since “it’s not like you have other plans”!

The duo also poked fun at the safety guidelines by joking that the “new third base” is getting to see someone’s lower face. Face coverings are still recommended to protect one another from spreading the virus, so this could not be more spot on! It’s hard not to laugh at the clever remixed lyrics, like this one in the chorus (below):

“We’ve got new rules for dating / Safety is stimulating / It’s your neighbors you’re saving.”

Masked up Lipa and Corden go all out while performing the medley with backup dancers safely placed behind them. It’s PSA meets parody in the best way possible, but enough of what we think. WATCH the funny clip for yourself (below) and share this article with a single friend in need!

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