Dr Hilary Jones celebrity wife loves his pin-up status from GMB Still turning heads!

Dr Hilary Jones backs plans to vaccinate vulnerable children

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Dr Hilary Jones’ wife Dee Thresher has revealed she “loves” that her Good Morning Britain doctor husband has become a pandemic pin-up over the last 18 months. The celebrity couple married in 2016 after meeting on GMTV eight years before.

I love that people are admiring his looks

Dee Thresher

Dr Hilary Jones has been GMB’s resident health expert over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, appearing on the show almost every day to give professional advice on the situation to viewers.

In 2016, the star married his third wife, fitness expert and personal trainer Dee Thresher, who has admitted she “loves” the fact that viewers see her husband as a pandemic pin-up.

Dee said: “I love that people are admiring his looks. Good for him.

“He’s [68] and still turning heads,” his wife told The Sun in an unearthed interview.

Earlier this month, the silver fox revealed that his pandemic pin-up days are now behind him.

When asked about the subject, he said: “I think those days have passed!”

Speaking to Metro, the star went on to say that he hoped people were looking forward to seeing his talents as a writer, showcased in his new book, rather than as a sex symbol on screen.

Dee and Dr Hilary first met in 2008 while working together on GMTV’s Bikini Diet segment.

Speaking to the Express a year into their relationship, the star said: “Yes, we are an item. It is very early days and I am reluctant to talk about this but we’re together.

“It was a total surprise when I found myself becoming close to Dee, but she made me laugh again, relax and start enjoying life outside work. I’m very lucky.”

He went on: “Dee and I have been friends for a while but it’s only in the last couple of months that we’ve become an item.

“We’re very relaxed together, laughing a lot and catching up with our friends – life is great.”

Speaking about their relationship, Dee added: “I was the GMTV fitness expert helping people get in shape for summer and he was the doctor giving health advice.

“We were filming in Spain and really got on.

“A year later we were both at a friend’s wedding, re-connected and we’ve been together ever since,” she added.

GMB’s resident doctor has previously been married twice before and has five children.

The star was married to his first wife Anne Marie Vives for 10 years until separating in 1987.

Together they share two sons, Tristan and Sebastien.

Three years later, Dr Hilary married Sarah Harvey and they welcomed twins Samantha and Rupert.

However, they went their separate ways in 2009.

In 2016, Dr Hilary and fitness enthusiast Dee married, and they now live in Kent together with their springer spaniel dog, Harley.

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