Donald Trump Met With The Queen, And Had A Private Lunch With Prince Harry

For his first official state visit to the UK, Trump has flown across the Atlantic ocean and went to London to visit The Queen. Poor Queen Elizabeth – she puts on a lovely mint green suit and statement hat for the occasion, and Trump can barely be bothered to wrangle the back of his hair.

BBC News reports that The Queen, as well as Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, welcomed Trump and First Lady Melania (wearing a costume from a high school theater production of My Fair Lady) to Buckingham Palace.

It’s not known what they talked about, but my guess is The Queen had to sit through at least 20 minutes of Trump whining about London’s mayor being a “stone cold loser.” Or his inflatible foe, the Baby Trump balloon. Or his sad approval rating that was projected onto the Tower of London. Meanwhile, Melania was probably asking for directions to the Tower of London to get some Donald-free time, since the only tower he’s interested in are the ones with his name on them in gaudy gold-plating.

Thisis not Trump’s first time meeting with The Queen (Trump and The Queen met last July during a trip to the UK). But it was his first time having lunch with Prince Harry. As expected, Trump and Harry (sans Duchess Meghan) had a private lunch today hosted by The Queen. They were joined by Trump’s robotic son-in-law Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The Queen will also host a state banquet dinner this evening, but Harry is skipping that one. Prince William and Duchess Kate will reportedly be there.

I wish that lunch wasn’t private because I would have loved to have seen BBC News report Prince Harry stabbing a knife into his orange tea cake while staring daggers at the man who dared insult his wife only 24 hours earlier. Instead, it sounds like Harry played it classy. After lunch, everyone took a tour of the royal picture gallery, where they looked at art and Trump forgot about a gift he gave The Queen last year. Yahoo! News says Harry “noticeably” avoided Trump by “hanging back” while touring the picture gallery.

As if Trump even noticed Harry was avoiding him. He was probably too busy bothering The Queen with some dumb-ass question about himself. “Liz, I heard about this fancy English guy who was a major narcissist that bought a painting that would get old and gross for him while he remained super-handsome and terrific looking, no matter what kind of awful life he was living. Where’s that painting? And where can I get one?

Pic: BBC News

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