Donald Trump Jr. Has A Strong Reaction To Bruce Springsteen’s Arrest

Music legend Bruce Springsteen rarely does ads. Unfortunately, when he chose to do one for Jeep, it became the center of social media backlash, for the “tone deaf” way it called for unity. In the words of one Twitter user: “All that stuff about ‘common ground’ and freedom for everyone in ‘The Middle’ is swell, but I don’t see how one can gaze upon a cross superimposed against a backdrop of an American flag in the shape of the lower 48 states and NOT see a disturbing omen of Christian nationalism.”

That ad is now being pulled, and not because it isn’t popular, but because Springsteen was arrested in a New Jersey national park while driving under the influence and faces charges of DWI, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area (via CNN). The incident took place in November of last year at the Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook. 

Donald Trump Jr. made light of Springsteen's arrest on social media

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to share the news of Springsteen’s arrest as it was reported by the New York Post, along with the caption: “Wow. Glad he’s doing phony preachy car commercials during the #SuperBowl” — and if social media users weren’t too happy with the Jeep ad, they were less so with Don Jr.’s comment.

One social media user went on Twitter to share an image of a ticket issued to Donald Trump J.r in 2001 for public intoxication with the caption: “Glass houses knuckle head!!” Another shushed him, saying “Shhh watching daddy’s Impeachment Trial.” A third tweeted: “Dude. You really wanna go there? While you’re tweeting about someone’s dui (sic), I’m watching never before seen footage of your daddy’s foot soldiers trying to assassinate our former VP.” A fourth brought the controversial ad back into focus by saying: “Come say that to my face in the church that’s always open in middle America and see what happens”

TMZ, who first reported the arrest, said Springsteen was said to have been “cooperative” during the arrest; he is scheduled to appear in court for the first hearing towards the end of this month.

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