Denise Richards Attacks! Producers Intervene! Chaos Breaks Out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Talk about holding nothing back!

On Wednesday night’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise Richards boiled over.

With these spoiled and entitled women off on a Roman vacation, the former actress made it clear that she was sick and tired of all the chatter about her and Brandi Glanville.

All the FALSE chatter, Denise would say, as she’s insisted over and over that she never slept with her polarizing co-star.

The emotional hour began with the back half of the group’s second disastrous dinner, where Richards continued to deny she and Brandi ever had been intimate.

This is also where she made the bold claim Brandi had sex with other women in the cast.

Neither Lisa Rinna or Kyle Richards bought this story, with the latter saying the whole thing felt “dirty.”

Speaking to Denise, Rinna added:

“It’s not clean, someone’s not being honest. If you have chosen to sit here, then you need to f–king own it.”

Richards didn’t understand this connection, saying she has owned it by denying it — yet confessing to often ditching the group out of frustration.

“Denise, if you want to be here, you’re here, if you don’t want to be here, then GO,” Rinna yelled at her across the table.

While Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley wondered why the other cast members chose to believe Brandi over their current costar, Richards swore on her mother’s grave she never told Brandi she thought Erika was an “ice cold bitch.”

But it wasn’t that simple.

In a confessional, Denise claimed Glanville said she heard Erika was “really cold” toward Denise.

And Richards admitted she “agreed” with the comment. She, naturally, didn’t say any of this to the other women, adding to the confusion.

The next day, Denise had a nice chat with Lisa, who she thought did not have her back during any of this.

She told Rinna it was “hurtful” she didn’t give her a heads up about the Glanville affair claims and causing the ex-soap opera star to break down in tears as she admitted she hadn’t been a very good friend.

From there, Lisa, Denise, Garcelle and Sutton Stracke made a trip together to St Peter’s Basilica.

So… all was good and calm, right?

LOL, no. Let’s cut to dinner that evening…

“To be brutally honest, theres so much judgement in this group,” Richards told the table.

Every single f–king dinner I have been on the receiving end of what feels like being attacked as soon as we sit down and that is not f–king cool.”

“My husband did not want me to go on this trip. He had a feeling and he was right,” she angrily continued, staring at Kyle and adding:

“When you kept asking me, ‘Be honest, be honest,’ I was. Nobody believed me.”

When Kyle argued that allegations “have to be addressed” on the program when they’re put out there on camera, Denise shot back:

“They do not.”

“I have to say this, because this has been probably the worst trip I’ve been on in my entire life, that is the truth,” Richards continued.

“I don’t deserve this and you know that. You have not attacked me? You drag in Brandi, that’s not f–king cool. It has gotten to the point, this is the god’s honest truth, where it is Mean Girls.

That is my experience and observation. I am being brutally honest, that is the truth. You keep bombarding me and it’s not f–king cool.”

Dorit then tried to jump in.

She said she didn’t think anyone was “deliberately trying to hurt” Denise, to which Richards clapped back; “That I disagree with.”

As Kemsley attempted to keep talking, Garcelle grew overcome with emotion and walked out — with Denise following right behind her.

The women were all irate she made her speech, called them “mean girls” and left before anything could be settled.

Outside, Garcelle confessed she was overtired and missed her children, while Richards told her she felt the other ladies “crossed a line that is really evil and detrimental.”

A producer then pleaded with Richards on camera not to leave, telling her it would be a “big mistake” to walk away.

“Let me just say something to you, you can’t come in here and make a big speech like that and then not hear anybody else’s opinion,” he told her.

“You want to move past this? Let’s all figure out how we can move past this.”

Later, Richards continued to go off in a confessional.

“I’ve been hearing what these bitches have to say for months,” she said. “But then there’s the part of me that goes, you know what, I actually do like these women. I’ve had fun with them before.”

With that, she went back in the restaurant, and her costars all thanked her for returning.

Rinna said she thought it would be best if they didn’t “label each other and call each other names” going forward, adding that she understood and accepted how Denise felt.

With that… boom! They all agreed to enjoy their last night in Italy together.

As they gorged out on some amazing pizza, the woman bonded over the wildest places they’ve ever had sex.

For Erika Jayne, it was in the hospital with her then-boyfriend after a head injury when she was 16 years old.

Kyle admitted she got it on at the dinner table at a black tie event, while Garcelle joined the Mile High Club on a commercial flight.

Sutton’s tale was more “romantic,” hooking up on a campground in a sleeping bag, while Rinna said she and her ex-boyfriend had intercourse next to one of her friends and her boyfriend in the same station wagon.

As for next week?

A preview teased the return of Glanville… saying she has evidence of her affair with Richards.

And stunning everyone with a censored allegation about what she did to Denise.

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