David Blaine to ‘Magically Ascend Above Earth’ in New Big Stunt

The street magician is going to manifest ‘one of his most vivid childhood dreams’ as he floats above New York in his first high-profile stunt in almost a decade.

AceShowbizDavid Blaine is planning to float above New York using only helium balloons in his first high profile stunt in almost a decade.

The street magician won millions of fans at the turn of the millennium with his death-defying stunts, which included spending 44 days suspended in a glass box above the River Thames in London.

After almost a decade out of the spotlight, during which he has faced sexual assault allegations, which he denies, Blaine is now returning with a new stunt, “Ascension”, created for YouTube’s Originals platform.

Announcing the new venture, the magician tweeted, “10 years in the making. Let’s turn worry into wonder and take magic to new heights.”

YouTube’s description of the stunt, which features him using helium balloons to fly over the Big Apple, reads, “Watch in disbelief as David Blaine magically ascends above Earth, in his biggest live performance yet: David Blaine Ascension. Manifesting one of his most vivid childhood dreams, David reminds us all to rise above.”

The new magic show will air on YouTube on 31 August (20).

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