DaniLeigh Not Bothered Despite Being Called ‘Homewrecker’ Following Brief Romance With DaBaby

In response to her statement, a fan is confused as to why she attempts to explain herself after she claimed in her previous post that she would reset everything in her life.

AceShowbiz -The drama surrounding DaniLeigh‘s brief romance with DaBaby has yet to end. Even after she hinted in her recent Instagram post that she’s done with the “Blame It on Baby” hitmaker, it doesn’t stop the rapper’s fans from calling her a “homewrecker.”

In response to the backlash against DaniLeigh, a fan jumped to her defense. “why are y’all calling Dani Leigh a homewrecker??” the fan tweeted recently. Referring to DaBaby’s baby mama Meme, she continued, “Da Baby wasn’t wit his baby moms when they was dating. How are y’all mad he chose to date someone else over his baby moms???”

The “Lil Bebe” singer-songwriter caught wind of the post and quickly reacted to it. “But idc to explain to anyone in the world cause I really don’t owe y’all nothing,” she said. “the world has more hate and would rather me be a woman that started something with someone that was ‘already in a relationship’ so Idc at all.”

Fans, however, didn’t really buy her words. “They never care but always respond. How?” a fan questioned. Another fan reacted, “she always explaining and not once have this man claimed her.”

Someone, meanwhile, was confused as to why she was bothered to explain herself after she claimed in her previous post that she would reset everything in her life. “I thought she said she was focusing on herself?” the user asked.

In the post in question, which she shared on Wednesday, July 22, the 25-year-old singer hinted that things might not work between her and the Charlotte spitter. Seemingly wanting to start over, DaniLeigh said, “I’m clearing my mind.. cleansing my soul .. and finding closure for myself… I’m Coming back home a new person.. new home , new car , and new mind . I’m excited to see what God has in store for me . But I am also patient about it.”

“The blessings I receive are all reminders to keep goin and that God already has my life written out. Thank u for all the positive love but thank u for the hate as well… It’s helped me realize a lot and get stronger,” so she concluded.

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