Chris Colfer Wonders How Naya Rivera Could Be So Talented; Calls Her A ‘Dream’ In Beautiful New Tribute

Chris Colfer continued his touching tribute to Naya Rivera with an essay on Variety.

“I’m not sure anyone on Earth could give Naya Rivera the tribute she deserves,” the 30-year-old author and actor pondered, although many have tried to.

Chris goes on, saying that “the process of losing her has been such a nightmare, I find myself wondering if Naya was even real or if she was just a dream all along. How could a human being be that talented, that hilarious and that beautiful at once? How could one person be responsible for so much joy and be the subject of so many wonderful memories?”

He also reflected on how she amazed him with her skills on the set of Glee.

“…Her heroic and groundbreaking portrayal of Santana Lopez on Glee inspired millions of young people around the world, especially in the LGBTQIA community, and it will be treasured for generations to come,” Chris wrote. “Naya also had a superhuman ability to memorize scripts. With one glance, she would know all her lines and yours — which came in handy when you acted alongside her. Sometimes, I’d become so lost in Naya’s performance, I’d forget I was in the scene with her.”

You can read Chris‘ full tribute to Naya Rivera on now.

If you missed his first salute to Naya, who died after a drowning accident earlier this month, you can read it on now.

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