Changing Rooms Anna Richardson and Sue Perkins split sparked by adoption disagreement

Anna Richardson celebrates 50th in 2020

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TV presenter Anna Richardson, 50 and her ex-partner comedian Sue Perkins, 51, reportedly split earlier this year, after a “disagreement” over whether they should adopt children. The couple, who were together for seven years, are said to have gone their separate ways over their difference of opinion on adopting children, after the former discovered that she was “completely infertile” nearly 15 years ago.

I feel keenly that I’m getting older, that time is running out

Anna Richardson

Anna, who is hosting the BBC reboot’s of Changing Rooms, devastatingly found out in 2008 that she was unable to have children naturally.

The TV host, who presents the show Naked Attraction on Channel 4, previously told how she found out she was infertile while filming another series.

While presenting The Sex Education Show 13 years ago, the star told how she received a huge blow.

After initially thinking: “‘F*** it, I’m in my 30s, I’ve got tonnes of eggs, I’m fine,” the star underwent fertility tests.

But she was soon told the upsetting news that she was “completely infertile”.

Speaking about her infertility, Anna told the Daily Mail: “I think because I’m 45 now I’m thinking long and hard about fostering and adopting. It would be nice to create a little unit.”

Anna made the devastating discovery while she was with her boyfriend of 18 years, Charles Martin.

Following the end of the relationship, Anna started dating Bake Off presenter Sue in 2014.

However, the comedian reportedly didn’t share the same ambitions.

A source close to the couple claimed the pair were “devastated” about the break-up.

They added that the pair’s view on children did not match, as Anna wanted to adopt, whereas Sue reportedly did not, as she was busy with her “work schedule and travelling”.

Addressing the split, they told The Mirror: “Anna is devastated.”

Another insider relayed that the break-up was “amicable” as the duo hope to remain friends.

They said: “After so long together it wasn’t an easy decision to make and they both did so with heavy hearts.

“But Sue and Anna are determined to remain friends and keep in touch.

“Nobody else is involved and now the pair are throwing themselves into work,” they told MailOnline.

Sue has previously opened up about her relationship with Sue and revealed her desire to become a parent.

“For some time I’ve toyed with the idea of fostering or adopting a child,” Anna explained.

“I can only speak for myself, not Sue, but I really want to do the training [to foster] and welcome a child into my life.”

She continued to HELLO! magazine: “I feel keenly that I’m getting older, that time is running out.” has contacted a spokesperson for Anna Richardson and Sue Perkins for comment.

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