Cardi B says 'go vote you f**kers' as she casts her ballot

Cardi B’s message about the US Election was as clear as it could be – go and vote.

The rapper has been pretty vocal about her interest in politics on the lead up to election day and she officially cast her ballot nice and early on the big day.

Cardi, 28, took to Instagram to update her fans about her voting experience as she stated: ‘Hey guys, I voted. It was easy peasy. The hardest part was getting out of the f**king car. 

‘S**t. Go vote because you will feel like you… I don’t know, it feels good after you voted, you feel like you just did something. I don’t know, I swear, it’s a weird feeling. So just go out there.’

The WAP hitmaker continued: ‘My district, where I was at, the community centre was nice and warm and I hope your community centre is nice and warm and comfortable.’

Cardi concluded the video in her typical style as she said: ‘Go vote, you f**kers!’

She captioned the clip: ‘Nice and early !!!and there was ten people on line.GO VOTE!’

The rapper ever showcased a unique way to show off the ‘I Voted’ stickers as she wore them on her nose in the video.

The outspoken Grammy-winner has been pretty open that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had a vote.

And she was just one of the many famous names who used their large platforms to encourage fans to cast their vote during this election.

Chelsea Handler and Lizzo weren’t afraid to grab attention with more risque posts, while Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker was pictured voting with her family.

Elsewhere, even The Simpsons got evolved as they predicted what could happen if people didn’t head to the polls.

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