Cardale Jones Believes Urban Meyer's Done Coaching After Jaguars Debacle

Cardale Jones believes Urban Meyer will never roam a sideline as a head coach again … telling TMZ Sports he thinks the former Ohio State headman is done after the Jaguars debacle.

The ex-OSU quarterback — who won a national championship with Urban and the Buckeyes in the 2014 season — tells us Meyer’s quick firing in Jacksonville shows the game has just passed by the coach.

“It’s almost like the term, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,'” Jones said. “I think [Urban’s] ways are a little behind us.”

Jones explained he thinks Urban’s bristly coaching style and the way he recruits, plus the NCAA’s new rules regarding NIL deals and the transfer portal, all make it unlikely that Urban would get another job at the college ranks.

As for the NFL — it seems pretty clear he wouldn’t get a second shot there either.

“I wouldn’t say [his coaching style] is outdated, because he was just coaching college three years ago,” Jones said. “It’s just times have changed.”

“And I don’t know if he’s willing to make that sacrifice and change in his demeanor, his personality, or his coaching style to keep up with times today.”

As for the allegations against Meyer in Jacksonville — ones that involved being downright mean to players and even kicking his kicker — Jones says he has no idea if they’re true. He did say, though, that he and Meyer did not have the world’s greatest relationship at OSU.

“Out of my four years at Ohio State, I probably had 10 conversations with Coach Meyer,” Jones said. “And that’s including hi and bye walking through the freakin’ facility.”

Jones said if Meyer’s coaching career is in fact over, he expects the 57-year-old to return to a broadcasting or analyzing role.

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