‘Away’ Showrunner Reveals Who Walked on Mars First After Lots of Confusion

SPOILER ALERT – This episode contains spoilers from the season one finale of Away, so stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Hilary Swank‘s new Netflix series Away has become the latest hit show on the streaming service and there has been lots of confusion surrounding one of the final moments of the season finale.

The first season of the show followed five astronauts on their months-long mission to Mars and they finally reached the planet in the last few minutes of the season.

It was decided before the mission that Chinese astronaut Lu Wang (Vivian Wu) would be the first person to step foot on Mars, but viewers couldn’t figure out who actually was the first person to walk on the planet based on what was shown.

We’re able to see the first foot making its mark in the sand on Mars, but then the camera cuts to Misha (Mark Ivanir) and Lu talking to each other and it looks like he’s ventured out further than she has.

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“Well, we know who it is,” showrunner Jessica Goldberg told TheWrap. “The idea is supposed to be Misha is the first, and then they decide as a community of people who have evolved on this mission to be one united group of people that are the first.”

The photo that the team sends to mission control has all five astronauts standing together on Mars rather than having Lu pictured alone.

“We wanted to make this larger statement about their evolution,” Jessica added. “It’s very important on the ground who it is. From the beginning, it was decided it will be China, and then she makes a decision up there, and it’s all of them… the only reason that any of them are the first is because of all of them. For us, it was the most hopeful way to end Season 1.”

Jessica even said that the writers didn’t intend to make the identity of the person a mystery, but now they might switch things up for season two.

“We know in the room very clearly that it was Misha and a decision was made. But you know, I don’t always know how people who have not been in the show for years are seeing it. I find that really exciting to hear because we plan to talk about that more in a possible Season 2. So it’s kind of nice if it is vague,” she said.

Here is what has been said about plans for the show’s second season!

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