Asuelu Pulaa Lashes Out at Critics: You’re Coronavirus!!

Kalani and her family weren’t the only ones upset by the way that Asuelu spoke to his wife. 90 Day Fiance viewers have had a lot to say.

They’ve called Asuelu a man-child and worse. Now, Asuelu is caling his haters “coronavirus.”

Asuelu has been widely criticized this season, in part for his reluctance to work to provide for his family.

He is a father of two, in part thanks to his declaration that “condoms are for ‘slut people.'”

He may be awfully young to be a dad, but his reluctance to act responsibly had fans in an uproar even before he insulted his wife.

Asualu called Kalani a “lying bitch” while he was having a pity party for himself over not being able to go to Samoa during a measles outbreak.

Not only was he sitting with his sons at the time, but he was also on camera.

it did not help at all that the driver of the vehicle was Lisa, Kalani’s mother, who was horrified to hear this from her son-in-law.

Asuelu did not even stop there — despite having said something so vile that any sensible person would be filing for divorce.

He complained, again in front of his young children, that the sound of Kalani’s voice was “so f–king annoying.”

This is not an acceptable way for any adult to talk about anyone in their life, but especially his wife and the mother of his children.

Lisa spoke up, chastizing Asuelu — much more gently than, frankly, any woman in my family would have — for being such a douche to Kalani.

Asuely countered with the claim that he could speak to his wife however he pleases.

Fun fact: he cannot speak to her however he likes. She is a person.

Naturally, Kalani’s father, Low, heard about all of this.

Kalani might not share the whole story of her life with Asuelu with her family, but Lisa and the cameras were both there to witness it.

Low made it clear that he would abide by his pinky swear with his wife to not “make a scene,” he would not allow anyone to disrespect his family.

Low did not deliver a Samoan beatdown on Asuelu (and we are glad — domestic violence is never the answer).

He explained to Asuelu that he needed to forget cultural expectations of a subservient wife. 

Low grew up with those same expectations, but made sure that his daughters knew that they were people deserving of rights and dignity.

To his credit, we did see Asuelu apologize on this week’s episode, vowing to not repeat this awful behavior.

Unfortunately, the previews for the very next episode appear to include him calling Kalani “f–king annoying” during yet another car ride.

That is unacceptable, and fans who have been roasting Asuelu have let him know that it’s simply not okay.

Asuelu took to Instagram Live to lecture his critics and haters.

“If you hate me don’t follow me; don’t comment on my stuff,” he instructed.

Asuelu then declared: “You’re coronavirus.” 

Asuelu demanded that his haters “Go do some, your own stuff.”

He concluded: “Stop comments on my page dammit.” 

We’ll give him this much — that was both short and to-the-point.

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