Anna Nicole Smiths Daughter Keen to Follow in Moms Footsteps in Hollywood

Fifteen-year-old daughter Dannielynn Birkhead is in awe of her mother’s success in entertainment industry and would love to enter Hollywood to follow in her footsteps.

AceShowbizAnna Nicole Smith‘s daughter is interested in a career in showbusiness but is determined to be her “own person,” according to her father Larry Birkhead.

Larry has been 15-year-old Dannielynn’s sole caregiver since Smith died from an accidental overdose in 2007, aged 39.

The photographer has confessed his daughter has shown some interest in following in her famous mother’s footsteps but insists anything she does will be her decision and on her own terms.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly magazine, he said, “There are times when she’ll say, ‘I wish I could be on that.’ Like when she watched Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy.”

“If she does anything, it will be on her terms. She’s determined to be her own person.”

Dannielynn is aware of her late mother’s career and legacy and is proud of what she achieved as a model and actress, which included roles in films such as “The Hudsucker Proxy” and “Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult” and shoots for Playboy and Guess.

Larry said, “We went into the Guess store the other day, and Dannielynn saw a big poster of Anna and said, ‘Oh boy, she nailed that shot.’ She understands her mom was a model, and she appreciates that.”

Larry has also praised Anna Nicole’s fans for keeping her memory alive but insists her greatest legacy is her daughter.

He said, “The fans do a lot. they remember all of her birthdays – even the sad days like the anniversary of her passing. But I think Dannielynn is a big part of it. She is Anna’s legacy.”

Anna Nicole also had a son, Daniel Wayne Smith, but he tragically died on 10 September 2006, aged 20, after an accidental overdose.

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