All the Avengers Look and Sound Ridiculously Wrong in This New Video Game

Earlier today, the first trailer and gameplay footage was released for something that seems like a totally solid idea in theory—an Avengers video game. The game will be out in just under a year, on May 15, 2020, but despite all the excitement that many are still feeling from Endgame mania, something about this game just feels off.

To start, obviously, the game doesn’t exist in the MCU. As if it wasn’t obvious, none of the main actors from the films—Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Mark Ruffalo—are playing their characters in the trailer. Instead, the characters are styled similarly to what the movies present, but since the actors didn’t contribute voice acting, and their likenesses aren’t used, everything just looks like a bunch of stunt doubles stepping up to the plate.

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Thor’s voice in particular sounds horrifically off, totally self-serious and missing all the humor and smooth wit that Hemsworth brings to the role. The closest to OK is probably the wit that the Tony Stark actor is bringing to the table, but just heading a RDJ-esque line coming from…not RDJ doesn’t sound right.

While there’s probably no such thing as too much Avengers content, and this game will most likely be a blast to play (last year’s Spider-Man game on PS4 didn’t have Tom Holland, or Tobey Maguire, or any other cinematic webslinger in it voice cast, and was still a huge hit with both fans and critics alike), some fans were critical of the similar reasons we outline above (also, where is Hawkeye? It’s Infinity War all over again!)

excited to share this concept art for the new avengers game

MARVEL: We wanna use ya’ll likeness in the new Avenger’s game.
AVENGERS CAST: Cool. We each need $576,275,592.48
MARVEL: Cool. Lemme hit ya’ll right back…

Cap look like a PE teacher

This is literally an undyed Fieri

“You idiots! You’ve captured their stunt doubles!” #avengers

The Avengers game probably should have distanced itself from the look of the MCU more. Having a Bruce Banner dressed and styled like Mark Ruffalo really reminds you that it’s not Mark Ruffalo. Embrace a new look.

Chris Evans watches the Avengers game trailer:

He wears a mask the whole time but Thor does not. And black widow looks like my bank teller

A few of the above posts make really strong points about why this Avengers game just seems so…off, and the Spider-Man game, and some past Batman games haven’t; it’s the faces, and the singularity. We’ve seen a number of Spider-Mans through the years, and we’ve seen a number of Batmans through the years.

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When those characters make their way to your small screen, with their faces covered up, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. But for many, their only exposure to Tony Stark is when he’s played by Robert Downey Jr. The only exposure to Thor is when he’s played by Chris Hemsworth, and so on and so forth. So the portrayals here feel inherently off.

There’s still a lot of time until this game comes out, (and again, it will probably be fun). But in the meantime, well, I guess that gives a head start on getting used to Guy Fieri Iron Man.

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