Aaron Carter Safe & Well After Cops Bust Down Door Amid Possible Overdose Concerns

What a week for Aaron Carter!

Late Wednesday night, the pop star was visited in his Lancaster, California home by cops and paramedics after they busted down his door and rushed into his bedroom to check and make sure he hadn’t overdosed. Thankfully, it was a false alarm, and Aaron was just fine. But also… wow!

The drama all started on Wednesday shortly after 8:00 pm, when cops arrived on scene at Aaron’s house to follow up on a 9-1-1 call in which someone claimed the singer had just suffered an overdose. When no one answered the door, law enforcement officials and first responders busted it down and rushed into the bedroom, where they found the embattled pop prince sound asleep — and totally sober.

According to law enforcement sources who spoke about the matter on Thursday with TMZ, Aaron had apparently been doing a video livestream with fans earlier that night. Tired, he apparently dozed off right in the middle of it — and concerned fans were the ones who called the police, after he abruptly quit talking on the livestream and they started to worry whether he had OD’d.

Thankfully, once on scene, law enforcement quickly figured Carter was completely okay. The only real problem here was the door — now busted up to all hell! According to the Lancaster police, Aaron has to fill out a special form with LA County officials if he wants his door replaced. Probably a wise move, considering cops had to break it down to gain entry. Just another day at Aaron Carter’s house, y’all…

We’re feeling lucky with this one considering the myriad issues the 32-year-old performer has faced in just the last few months. He’s been dealing with multiple restraining orders, and clearly had a major family blow-up that could permanently estrange him from multiple siblings.

Police in Lancaster have confiscated several of Carter’s firearms, too, and he responded at one point by getting a bizarre new face tattoo — not exactly the most encouraging behavior for somebody in a stressful situation. And yet, he carries on, even despite a temporary hospitalization and a major blow-up at a judge over whether he was allowed to further possess weapons after all his legal drama. Whew.

And last night? Well, he just fell asleep! LOLz! Sometimes you’ve just gotta thank your lucky stars for false alarms!

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