50 Cent Reveals Why Hes More Afraid of His Late Mom Instead of His Bullies

The rapper, who serves as executive producer of ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’, divulges that one scene of the show is inspired by his real childhood memory.

AceShowbiz50 Cent admitted that he’s “more afraid” of his late mother instead of his bullies. On the reason why, the “In da Club” rapper revealed that Sabrina Jackson was “everything” to him.

The MC made the revelation when discussing “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” in a virtual interview with Page Six. “[There’s a scene] from the first episode where [titular character] Kanan gets beat up and he goes back in the house and his mother puts the toys in the socks. That really happened,” he first divulged.

“Like, that was from my life… There’s a point where, things that you are afraid of, that I got bumped around a lot in the park but I was more afraid of my mom than the people I got bumped around by because I could not escape her,” the show’s executive producer added. “Her being a single mom at that point, she was everything.”

50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, went on to note that Sabrina was both his “mom and [his dad] and she was tough.” He continued, “So I didn’t know when it was okay to be emotional and when it wasn’t… She would look and say, ‘Get up from off the floor. What you don’t over there cryin’ and actin’ like a little girl.’ “

“She’d get mad and you go, ‘Oh, s**t, it’s not okay to be hurt this time,’ ” the hip-hop star/ actor further recalled. “So, she’s balancing when she should be soft and when she should be firm with you.”

50 Cent’s mother Sabrina was killed in a fire when he was only eight years old. Since then, he lived with his grandparents but his mother’s friends remained in his life. “Looking at my journey, some of the decisions my mother made guided me, because the people of her life had something to represent financial freedom. They were my I had those wonderful things in front of me,” he once shared.

“They got everything you wanted, so it was going to lead me to the same path in the hustle and do different things, and you know, I just bumped into that roof I wanted to do more,” he added. “So I’m involved in music and entertainment that goes completely beyond that level of success.”

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