Kristen Stewart Heads Out to Buy Some Sunflowers!

Kristen Stewart picks up a bouquet of sunflowers!

The Snow White and the Huntsman star was seen holding onto the flowers while stepping out on Friday (October 18) in Los Angeles.

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She also had what appeared to a can or jar in her other hand.

Kristen sported a white t-shirt with rolled-up gray pants, pink socks, black and white sneakers, a baseball cap, an assortment of necklaces, and small oval sunglasses.

ICYMI, check out the trailer for Kristen Stewart‘s highly anticipated Charlie’s Angels film!

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Lady Gaga falls off stage at Las Vegas show: Fan involved speaks out amid backlash

Lady Gaga had a massive fall off the stage at her Las Vegas show on Thursday night. Now, the fan involved in the incident is speaking out after facing backlash for putting the singer in harm’s way.

Part of Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas residency show, Enigma, involves her picking one lucky concert goer to come up on stage and dance with her. It is a staple built into her show that has fans loving the moment. There were no issues until last night’s fall.

Video footage shows the singer pulling a fan from the audience, jumping on him for a hug and then both of them tumbling off the stage into the pit of the audience. It appears the fan lost his footing on stage while he was bouncing around holding the Shallow singer.

— Gulf Today (@gulftoday) October 18, 2019

Thankfully the fan and Lady Gaga were fine. The 33-year-old superstar had no problems finishing the show.

“Everything’s okay. Everything’s okay. The only thing that’s not okay is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up!” she can be heard saying in the viral video.

Lady Gaga is also heard reassuring the devastated fan, she is not mad, and it was simply an accident. However, her words did nothing to stop her Little Monster fan base from coming at the male involved in the fall.

A statement from a Twitter user named Jack was posted on the social media platform. He is setting the record straight regarding what happened when he got on stage with Lady Gaga.

— laurie calderone (@laur_calderone) October 18, 2019

“lady gaga picked up my letter and invited me on stage, as i was getting out of the standing pit the floor was wet so my trainers therefore were wet getting on the stage, to clarify I categorically DID NOT pick lady gaga up when i got on the stage she jumped on me,[sic]” he began his lengthy social media message.

The fan continued to express his side of how the shocking fall went down. He also reiterated to Lady Gaga fans that she assured him he was not to blame for the accident.

“As I was getting up I was trying to usher her up my body kinda thing and my foots slipped. as we fell I tried to make sure I took the brunt of the fall and if you could see my leg you’d see that I kinda did. Lady Gaga herself has told people to stop with the negative comments, after the show lady gaga herself personally sent her security to come and find me so we could meet and chat and she told me herself I was not to blame and so did multiple members of team,[sic]” he said.

The Twitter message ends with Jack reminding the haters to not comment on things they are not 100 percent certain about. It is an honest message with the fan defending himself in a classy style.

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Debbie Harry age: How old is Debbie Harry now? Blondie young – in pictures

Debbie Harry is known as the famed singer of new wave band Blondie, a regular feature on both the UK and US charts in the 1970s and 1980s. The Heart of Glass singer will appear on the Graham Norton show tonight, where she is promoting her biography Face It. Accompanying her is a slew of other celebrities, including Terminator stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, and Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain.

How old is Debbie Harry now?

Debbie Harry was born on July 1, 1945, in Miami, Florida, and adopted at three-months-old by Richard and Catherine Harry.

Before she started her landmark singing career, she spent time as a BBC Radio secretary in New York, and even a Playboy Bunny.

When she formed Blondie with Chris Stein, she was 29-years-old. Now, at 74-years-old, she is still the band’s lead singer.


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In her book Face It, Debbie talks about her life from beginning to present, opening up on the finer details of her career and personal experiences.

Speaking to the Guardian earlier this month, the pop star said, like many people, she had some moments in which she felt she was a “fool”.

The singer added it was sometimes difficult for her to look back over her mistakes as she wrote the book.

She said: “I tend to move on, get interested in something and see what’s about.”

“I guess there were moments when I thought: ‘God, you were such a fool.’

“You look back, and you think about all the mistakes you made: ‘Why did I ever do that?’

“But, all in all, I guess I’ve been very lucky.”

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Debbie added she felt a persistent fear of abandonment throughout her life, which Face It aptly helped her deal with.

As an adult, Debbie said the image of her parents abandoning her wasn’t difficult to face, but the book acted as her “purge”.

She said: “I think we all have a little area of clutter that’s nagging sometimes and it’s often hard to get rid of.

“Maybe this is my purge.

“I think I’ve solved a lot of those problems that were hanging on and I’m glad it’s sort of done.”

Blondie officially broke up in 1982 and remained so for another 15 years until 1997.

In 1997, the band regrouped after Chris Stein and Debbie Harry reached out to them, with live performances and new albums following for the group.

The band was also inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame on Sunset Boulevard in 2006.

Their most recent album was Pollinator, which they released in 2017 to critical and commercial acclaim.

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Deepika Padukone Credits Her Mother for Helping Her Seek Help for Depression

Bollywood star Deepika Padukone wants to bring mental health awareness to the forefront of the conversation in India. Speaking with, she talks about her own experiences with depression and anxiety, what it took to overcome the stigma shrouding mental illness, and why it’s important for everyone to educate themselves on mental wellness.

At the beginning of her success in Bollywood, Padukone recalls breaking down into tears in front of her mother. “I just couldn’t stop crying,” she tells “[My mom] asked, ‘Is it your relationship? Is it your work?’ And I said, “No, no, no, none of those things.’ I just kept saying, ‘No, no, no. I don’t know. I don’t why I feel empty.”

In response, Padukone’s mother told her to seek help. “There was no conversation, there was no argument,” the actress says of the interaction.

View this post on Instagram

We are humbled to receive the 2019 #DrGuislain “Breaking the Chains of Stigma” award. "At TLLLF, we believe that not a single life should be lost due to mental illness and we continue our efforts in giving hope to those struggling with stress, anxiety and depression," says our founder @deepikapadukone This award highlights an individual, project or organization that has made exceptional contribution to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. It is aimed at social and / or cultural initiatives that deal with mental health care in a scientific, clear and dynamic way. #TogetherAgainstDepression #YouAreNotAlone #Tlllfoundation #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthAwareness

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Her mother’s encouragement jolted Padukone to reach out to an old family friend and therapist, Anna Chandy. Later, she was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety.

“I wasn’t aware of what mental illness was, and I didn’t realize the importance of mental health,” Padukone says. “When we have a fever, we know what the symptoms are. Why aren’t we taught to recognize the symptoms of mental illness in the same way? It was a lack of awareness on my part, but also on the part of the people around me. What if it wasn’t for my mother? Who else would have helped me?”

Even after her diagnosis, Padukone reveals that she struggled with the stigma of mental illness. “Typically, in an Indian family, we like to solve our problems internally,” Chandy says, explaining how the culture might keep mental illness awareness at bay. However, receiving open support from her mother changed Padukone’s perspective. “She was able to sense that this was not something that can be solved in a family huddle,” Padukone says. “I don’t think I’d be here today if it wasn’t for my mother. I realized the importance of self-care, and when I do it, I do it without guilt. I think women especially have a tendency of doing it with a lot of guilt attached.”

Padukone eventually founded The Live Love Laugh Foundation, an organization that aims to provide mental health awareness in India. The foundation has launched public health campaigns, like Ask Again, which encourages Indians to acquaint themselves with the symptoms of depression.

Since then, Padukone says, “We’re really seeing the conversation opening up.”

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Rosario Dawson Teams Up with Nana Ghana for ‘LA Woman Rising’ Premiere!

Rosario Dawson strikes a pose in a black jumpsuit while attending the Los Angeles premiere of LA Woman Rising held at the Saban Theatre on Thursday (October 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 40-year-old actress was joined at the event by the documentary’s writer-director Nana Ghana, as well as Christa B. Allen who came out to show her support.

LA Woman Rising is a documentary described as “a love letter to the real and diverse women of Los Angeles,” and it includes original poems narrated by executive producer Rosario Dawson.

“While I grew up in Ghana in a house full of women, I finally became a ‘woman’ in LA. My first lesson was that a woman is another woman’s natural ally,” explains director Nana Ghana. “With this film, my goal was to achieve a distinct tone that celebrates the feminine spirit — a raw visualization of empathy.”

Rosario says, “I’m excited to join forces with Nana to spotlight the awakening of previously unheard female voices from around the globe.”

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Bishop Briggs Announces New Album ‘Champion,’ Drops Single ‘Jekyll & Hide’

Bishop Briggs took to Instagram last Friday to announce that her second studio album, Champion, will be out on November 8 via Island Records.

Briggs wrote on Instagram that “this is the most vulnerable music I’ve ever written.”

“I decided to not hide behind my own metaphors and poetry and however difficult it was to write, I told the truth,” Briggs explained. “I wrote this in the midst of a breakup and I truly felt so alone. In hindsight, I think I wrote the album that I needed to hear at that time.”

“So, my hope is that it does the same for you. I hope this album can be the hand that wipes the tears from your cheeks, the shiver down your spine when you feel like yourself again, and the lightness in your spirit when you have closure…even if its just for a fleeting moment,” she added. “Thank you for allowing me to be so vulnerable and I can’t wait for this to be in the world.”

Briggs also shared a music video of “Jekyll & Hide,” a song that will be part of the upcoming album.

“The title is spelt Hide not Hyde. GET IT!??!!!!!” Briggs teased in a press release. “Word play gets me way too hype. I wrote this one with k.flay and it was produced by Joel Little. In the chorus, we wrote, ‘Are you Jekyll & Hyde-ing me?’ as a way to describe the chaotic feeling of dating someone who has two very different sides. I hope you like it.”

“I was yesterday’s regret/ But today I woke up in your bed,” Briggs sings as she vents out her disappointment about her relationship status.

She had previously released “Champion” and “Tattooed On My Heart,” two other tracks from the upcoming album.

The track list for Champion:


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Demi Lovato’s Snapchat hacked, alleged nude photos leaked online

Demi Lovato appears to have been the victim of a cyber-hacking, with alleged nude photos being published on her Snapchat account.

On Thursday night, the photos — which aren’t confirmed to be legitimate — linked to a Discord chat room, according to the Daily Beast.

“Join this discord server for my nudes,” read the message on 27-year-old Lovato’s Snapchat, according to the Daily Beast.

The link offered followers a chance to see more images.

The photos have since been removed from her account.

The alleged hackers, known as the “Chuckling Squad,” have been connected to hacks on Jack Dorsey and Chloë Grace Moretz’s accounts.

Although Lovato doesn’t have a Twitter account, her Lovatics took to the social medium to express their concern for the “Sober” singer and her mental health in light of the apparent hack.

“respect demi lovato
respect demi lovato
respect demi lovato
respect demi lovato
respect demi lovato

no one deserves to have their private pictures leaked and i don’t care if you don’t like her, this behavior is DISGUSTING so do NOT tweet and share. thank you,” the official account for her New York fans tweeted.

Reps for Lovato and Snapchat didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

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Justin Bieber Unsmiling When He’s Asked If He’s Still ‘Homies’ With Taylor Swift

The Canadian singer doesn’t seem too happy when he’s asked if he’s still friends with the ‘You Need to Calm Down’ singer after he poked fun at her in an Instagram video.

AceShowbizJustin Bieber was badgered with questions about rumors that he had feud with Taylor Swift. As he was swarmed by paparazzi while out and about in Los Angeles, a paparazzo asked him if he was still friends with the “Blank Space” hitmaker.

“Always homies,” Bieber replied, albeit rather unenthusiastically. When the shutterbug pressed him if he was still “cool” with her, the Canadian star replied before driving away, “Yeah, like I’m done with all that other stuff. Other people’s drama is not my drama.”

Early this month, Bieber mocked the “Lover” singer in an Instagram Story video. Mimicking her post-surgery video where she had meltdown over banana, he grabbed a banana and said in a fake voice, “It’s not the banana that I wanted! It not the right banana. It has no head!”

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift used to be close friends. Back in 2012, they appeared together on the revived show MTV’s “Punk’d” where he pulled a prank on her. However, they haven’t been seen hanging out together for a long time.

In July this year, the “You Need to Calm Down” singer called out Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun for buying her former label, Big Machine, and with it, the masters of her first six albums.

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Jennifer Aniston jokes about ‘breaking’ Instagram with record-breaking 11 MILLION in a day

Yesterday, the 50-year-old apologised to fans for shutting down the platform on Tuesday when her new account gained one million followers in just over five hours. The snap she posted of her Friends co-stars reached the milestone 29 minutes sooner than the previous record holders, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

Such was the rush to follow the actress her page crashed for a short time, but still finished its first day with 11 million followers, with the number growing daily.

Posting a second image this week showing her smashing a phone in a clip from her new Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, she wrote: “I swear I didn’t mean to break it.

“Thank you guys for the kind, glitchy welcome.”

Showbiz observers were surprised at Jen’s foray into social media after years of protecting her privacy.

She previously said: “The one thing I have is maintaining this little circle of sanctity that’s my own.

If I’m sitting here posting something about my dogs or I’m boomeranging my coffee mug in the morning, that’s just giving away one more piece of something that is mine.”

She is now following 116 accounts, including Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio and comedian Jack Whitehall. 

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Caroline Flack looks sensational in sparkly red mini dress at glittering gala

Caroline Flack has a fantastic sense of style.

And the Love Island host looked phenomenal as she arrived at star-studded The Global Gift Gala London at Kimpton Fitzroy, in London on Thursday.

The TV sensation, 39, wowed as she arrived at the glitzy bash wearing a dazzling red striped mini dress with shimmering sequined embellishments.

The blonde bombshell's glittering long-sleeved dress featured a flattering cut-out design on the neckline and the short hemline drew attention to Caroline's enviably toned legs.

Caroline clung onto red designer Gucci bag and phone as she strutted into the event with confidence.

The presenter appeared in good spirits as she flashed photographers a smile and showed off her perfectly pearly whites.

The Love Island babe joined the likes of Amanda Holden and Eva Longoria at the glamorous London event.

The Flack finished her glitzy ensemble with jeweled sandals and wore her golden blonde locks in perfectly blow-dried waves.

The presenter's appearance at the glitzy bash comes as she recently announced her latest TV venture as the host of Channel 4's brand new surgery show.

The 39-year-old bombshell is set to host The Surjury which will document people getting their dream plastic surgery.

The Sujury is already advertising for people to take part in the exhilarating new TV project.

Previously, Caroline has set out her feelings about plastic surgery as she compared cosmetic procedures to getting a hair cut or teeth whitening.

She told Celebs Now : "I don’t have any judgements. You get your hair cut or whiten your teeth, so what’s the problem if 
it makes you feel confident?"

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