Where to Buy Chic Maternity Clothes for Mothers-to-Be

Baby boom? Maybe! We are seeing a lot of expectant moms as of late. Whether you are pregnant yourself or just heard the good news from a loved one, you might be shopping for maternity wear in the near future. 

In the past, trendy clothes for a growing belly has been limited, but we’re happy to report that maternity fashion for mothers-to-be has exploded in recent years. Some brands, like BLANQI and Hatch, focus specifically on stylish maternity clothes, while certain retailers you don’t think of as a maternity brand, like H&M and ASOS, have really upped their maternity fashion game as well. Now, finding maternity clothing to show off your baby bump is much

ET Style has searched the internet for the chic maternity essentials, including a comfortable bra for pregnancy, supportive maternity tops, a nursing bra, stretchy maternity jeans, everyday maternity leggings, a flowy maternity dress or two and the all-important baby shower ensemble. Together, these pieces are a great start for a killer maternity wardrobe.

Below, check out ET’s favorite chic styles of the best maternity clothes that you can shop now.

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