This $13 Plumping Gloss Gives Your Lips Shine and Fullness

Lip fillers are as popular as ever, but adding plumpness to your pout doesn't necessarily require making an appointment with a specialist. While the results won't be as dramatic as cosmetic procedures, of course, you can still achieve subtly fuller lips with one swipe of a plumping gloss. There are countless products to choose from in this category, but in an exclusive statistic shared with InStyle, Soap & Glory confirmed the popularity of its lip plumper.

According to Soap & Glory, more than 800,000 tubes of its Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss have been purchased globally over the past six months. Available in three sheer colors, it's a combination gloss and plumper that Ulta shoppers "can't live without."

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The success of the Soap & Glory plumper can be attributed to its ingredients, dermatologist Hope Mitchell, MD, tells InStyle. "It's made with lipswell, which is a natural plant oil infusion that helps to plump lips. The peptide plump complex tops off the plumpness with long lasting hydration." 

"Peptides can stimulate collagen production and hyaluronic acid (a hydration attracting molecule naturally found in the skin) synthesis," Dr. Mitchell says. "It makes the lips look healthier — plumping those creases in the lips that can be bothersome for many." If you already have lip fillers, you could use the plumper as a means of prolonging the look of your fuller lips, she adds.

According to Dr. Mitchell, lipswell typically does cause a tingling sensation in the lips that leads to a feeling of fullness, but some Ulta shoppers say it's not an uncomfortable buzzing.  "Since I started using this lip gloss I really see a difference. You can feel it working , which I love. I love the fact that it really works and the price is fantastic," a shopper wrote. Another said the "vibrations" of the product did "catch them off guard," but ultimately, the results were worth it. "My lips definitely look plumper," they added.

One Ulta customer shared their means of application, writing, "This has always been my favorite lip plumper. The tingles are good and it lasts a long time. Before applying my liquid lipstick, I like to use this to prime my lips and give it a little plump." Another said they pair the gloss with lip liner and swear the combination "enhances the size [of lips] quite a bit."

Whether you're looking for some added volume or a gloss that can do it all, pick up your own tube of Sexy Mother Pucker for just $13 at Ulta.

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