The Best Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Major Milestone

There’s no doubt that every year spent with your special someone is extraordinary in its own way. From the everyday experiences that define your relationship to more pivotal moments like building a family and other major chapters, every step of your life together works to make it what it is today. That said, you can’t ignore the fact that reaching certain milestones — such as one year and 50 — together is worth a bigger celebration.

Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary later this year or you want to get a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift to make this year extra special, there are plenty of ways to mark your milestone years — including milestone anniversary gifts.

Traditionally speaking, each year has a specific theme for anniversary gifts, representing the milestone you’ve reached, such as paper, silver or gold. If you’re looking for some gift ideas based on these traditions, ET Style has you covered. Of course, for those of you who prefer to take the unconventional route to gift-giving, we also added a few options for some years that touch on the theme without leaning completely into the tradition.

Ahead, see the anniversary gifts for your significant other to celebrate each major milestone.

1 Year: Paper

One year in the books is no small feat. Celebrate your loved one with something unexpected that takes on the traditional gift of paper, such as personalized notecards, chic notebooks, or a professionally printed photo album that holds your favorite moments from the first year together.

5 Years: Silverware & Wood

Old traditions call for wood as the fifth anniversary theme, while more contemporary options consider silverware. This year, celebrate your other half with fresh flatware or a wooden cookbook stand to take your kitchen game to the next level. Or, if you want to get a more out-of-the-box anniversary gift, get a wood-scented candle.

10 Years: Diamond Jewelry

Celebrate the first decade — which you and your S.O. undoubtedly filled with highs, lows, and everything in between — with diamond jewelry to show that your love is forever. There’s truly no going wrong with the timeless gemstone, whether you choose classic diamond earrings or an everyday bracelet.

20 Years: China

If you’re reaching your second decade, celebrate with an intimate gathering featuring a new set of fine china. From simple, minimalist styles to options that teem with luxury, these will be the plates you bring out for every special occasion moving forward.

25 Years: Silver

Known as the Silver Anniversary, it only seems fitting that you would gift your spouse or partner with elegant sterling silver jewelry or cufflinks that’ll withstand the trends of today for your 25th year. Plus, thanks to their versatile quality, you can wear them with anything, from everyday outfits to formal ensembles.

50 Years: Gold

There’s nothing like reaching the Golden Anniversary of 50 years. For a monumental milestone like this, a gift for your loved one after this many years should be equally epic. We love the idea of fine gold jewelry — whether it’s in the form of an everyday pendant, necklace, bracelet or ring. These are the milestone gifts that’ll last for years — and when you’re ready, passed down generations.

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