Teenager shares photos of her ragged fingers to warn of risks of fake nails

A lesson to all: be careful in your pursuit for the perfect manicure.

Paige Belfield, 17, has shared photos of her ‘shredded’ fingers to warn people of the risks of getting fake nails applied.

Paige says she went through half an hour of plain and bleeding after going to get acrylics done at £22-a-time Beautiful Nails nail bar in Canterbury, Kent.

She’s sharing her story to encourage people to fully research their nail bar choices before going ahead and getting a treatment.

The teenager had been to the salon many times before, but this time was given a new technician.

She says her bitten nails were filed with an electric buffer that left the edges bleeding and ‘throbbing’ with pain.

The actual application of the false nails didn’t go to plan, with some bent and others wonky, so Paige had to get them removed immediately afterwards in the nail bar.

Paige said: ‘I went in there and he was like “OK sit down” and I picked my colour and everything.

‘And then as he did my nails, I bite my nails as well, so obviously they were short, but he shouldn’t have kept going over my natural nails with the electric drill and they were throbbing.

‘They were so painful.

‘I had them done but I got them removed there and then. They were really bad. Awful.

‘My friend was like “Paige, I’m not letting you pay for them.” They were horrendous.

‘It was the first time I’ve ever asked them to take them off.’

Paige blames the use of the electric buffer on her natural nails for the pain she experienced.

‘They shouldn’t use those on your real nails, they are for the acrylics,’ she said.

‘The skin was coming off. I was bleeding and he didn’t care. I said “I want them off now, they’re awful” and he was really moody and started getting really angry. He was shaking.

‘He was doing my nails and the manager was sat there and didn’t even apologise. I was like “You usually do my nails and I never have a problem.”

‘I kept flinching. He still didn’t stop. He got underneath my index finger and lifted the real nail with the electric thing. I was like “I can’t take anymore, I’m leaving.”

‘I washed my hands and left because I physically couldn’t sit through the pain. He kept continuing with the bloody thing.

‘It was some man I’d never seen before. It was obviously just someone he’d called in for cover.’

It was when the acrylics were removed that Paige saw the state of her nails underneath.

Paige’s mum, Jemma Needham, rang the nail bar to complain about her daughter’s treatment. They offered Paige a free set of nails, but she refused.

The nail bar was contacted for comment, and a staff member said they would give Paige another set for free.

Paige shared photos on her Facebook to urge people to be cautious of getting acrylic nails done by a technician they haven’t used before.

‘There are 200 comments on my pic and everyone has had the same experience as me,’ said Paige. ‘I’m probably lucky not to have an infection. My whole family are disgusted.

‘I just wanted to warn girls: don’t go there.’

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