Hailey Bieber, 24, Is The Master Of The No-Makeup-Makeup Look

Hailey Bieber is sweet. Seriously, she’s like talking with one of your charismatic, smart, and unbelievably stylish friends—who also happens to be a talented 24-year-old supermodel. How do I know? Well, she and I spoke for an exclusive Women’s Health interview, where we chatted about all things skincare, makeup and, most importantly, how she maintains her confidence in the world of Instagram filters and editing apps. And yes, my conversation with Hailey includes all kinds of life advice, skincare secrets, and more, all from the style icon and flawless complexion-ed Hailey herself.

“Confidence and self-love is a journey that shouldn’t stop and, I think, doesn’t ever stop,” Bieber tells Women’s Health. “The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned about myself the more confident I’ve become and the less insecure I am. It doesn’t mean that all those things have gone away and that they will go away, though.” In short, Hailey says that just accepting yourself for who you are (no matter how hard that may be) is the best path forward. There’s no use in trying to fit every societal mold. (Hint: None of us ever will!)


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That’s why when it comes to makeup and skincare, Hailey likes to keep it simple with a short product list and lots of bare-faced days. “I’ve always been really into keeping my skin healthy,” she explains. “I’ve always been the kind of girl that loves the no-makeup-makeup and letting my skin breathe, especially since I started working over the last six years.” She loves an off-duty model moment after spending lots of time in the hair and makeup chair. “I’m always getting makeup put on my face so it’s always been the most refreshing for me to take my makeup off at the end of the day and let my skin breathe. I just have found that I feel more like myself in my own skin with no makeup.” (Which, TBH, same.)

Okay, now let’s get into the nitty gritty. If you’re feelin’ it, read below for Hailey Bieber’s makeup and skincare favorites, all according to the celebrity herself.


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She puts her makeup to work.

If makeup doesn’t have some kind of hydrating or protecting component, Hailey’s not wearing it. “I love that [BareMinerals Original Liquid Foundation] has SPF and built-in skincare. A lot of makeup doesn’t do this, but I love makeup that’s good for your skin while you’re wearing it, and it’s really been my go-to foundation,” Hailey shares.

A retinol face cream is a must.

Her morning routine is super simple: “I wake up, cleanse, and then put on a moisturizing serum and then SPF,” says Hailey. “I also really love the Bare Minerals Ageless Retinol Face Cream and the eye cream. Those are two products that I use very often.”

Niacinamide is one of her fav ingredients.

“I do like Paula’s Choice Niacinamide Serum. That’s one of my favorites as well. I love stuff that has peptides and niacinamide in it,” Hailey tells me.

Hailey never skips sunscreen.

Whether she’s in the sun or not, Hailey takes care of her skin with sunscreen every day. “Elta MD Sunscreen, that’s still my go-to. Do not leave the house without SPF!” she says.

A cleansing oil is her go-to.

“I’ve literally tried everything at this point, and I really liked the Bare Minerals Cleansing Oil. That one is just very gentle to me. It’s a great product because it does its job, it does what it needs to do,” Hailey says.

She layers an oil over her moisturizer for extra hydration.

A luxurious face oil is something she adds on to her nighttime routine for extra moisture. “I still really love Vintner’s Daughter [Active Botanical Serum]. I usually go a little bit thicker with the cream at night, and then if I’m a little more dry, I might do a little oil on top of the moisturizer.”

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